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iMillennial | Financial Literacy for Young Filipinos© is a Philippine-based online publisher and resource of personal finance and related articles including tips, insights, and reviews. iMillennial is a fashionably and cleverly coined trademark that denotes investing millennial; hence, the blog promotes financial literacy among young Filipino millennials in the Philippines and around the world.

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Financial literacy must be on the forefront of education and economic policies. Managing finances and making informed decisions about investments and business ventures, as widely recognized important life skills, must be acquired as soon as one recognizes his economic being.

Financial literacy requires a background on financial principles including saving and building emergency funds, engaging in and managing debts, controlling personal finances, taking advantage of compound interests, and making investments as grounded on the increasing value of money and other assets over time.

iMillennial | Financial Literacy for Young Filipinos© focuses on personal finance and offers a growing collection of articles in the following categories: Business and Investments, Health and Life Insurance, Income Opportunities, Insights and Lifestyle, Personal Finance, Processing Documents, and Tools and Resources.


Marco & Kenneth (also Marc Kenneth Marquez) is the founder and CEO of iMillennial Publishers. He is a certified Senior High School teacher, financial literacy advocate, stock market investor, blogger, and Filipino millennial.

In 2010, he joined the blogosphere with his Blogger-hosted Syndicaeduc (the domain has already been acquired by another blogger) that had served the needs of BS Education fresh graduates for licensure review resources for over four years before it was deliberately shut down due to maintenance issues.

In the renaissance of his passion and interest in the world of blogging, he inaugurated his first WordPress self-hosted blog, iMillennial|Financial Literacy for Young Filipinos© (this blog), on January 20, 2017 to promote financial literacy among young Filipino professionals and millennials at the comfort and practical use of Taglish (Tagalog, formalized as Filipino, and English) as he has, since his personal finance awareness, observed that there is scarcity of web resources on financial education in the most understood language.

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iMillennial | Financial Literacy for Young Filipinos© is a WordPress blog (at accessible in cyberspace or the web through a paid hosting service provided by SiteGround (Singapore). It runs the latest version of MH Magazine Theme, a premium responsive magazine WordPress theme developed by MH Themes. iMillennial Publishers is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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iMillennial Publishers is an advertising-supported publisher that earns revenues primarily from featured placement of sponsored products, services, and ad links through Google AdSense program. Publishing revenues are used for blog maintenance expenditures such as for annual hosting fees with SiteGround, WordPress premium theme purchases, and other important subscriptions.

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