How to Load Up PayMaya Using Metrobank Direct (Online)

How to Load Up PayMaya Using Metrobank Direct (Online)

PayMaya, a subsidiary brand of PLDT and Smart Communications and regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), is a free smartphone app available on iOS and Android that provides a prepaid (reloadable) virtual Visa or MasterCard and can be used to make online payment at almost the same convenience that a regular credit card offers [Read also, PayMaya: Web Hosting and Facebook Campaign Payment Solution].

Yes, I have been using PayMaya to pay for my annual web hosting fees and boost a few of my articles shared on Facebook. I must say it’s safer as compared to using a regular credit or a debit card as I don’t have to worry much about its payment security as well as the risk of going beyond my promotional budget.


Last night however, as I was checking my Metrobank Direct online account, I came across PayMaya being added to the list of merchant partners of the bank. Well, it’s perfect! I don’t need to go anymore to PayMaya load-up stations such as 7-Eleven, Robinson’s Department Stores, and SM Business Centers. I can load up my PayMaya virtual card right through my Metrobank Direct online account. Another good news, PayMaya has recently been partnering with other major banks such as BDO, Union Bank, and RCBC.

Metrobank Direct Online Bills Payment Facility. With Metrobank Direct, you can register, schedule, and pay your bills online. Instead of visiting merchant and payment centers, bills payments can be made at your own convenience and comfort.

Metrobank Direct Special Biller

How to Load Up PayMaya Using Metrobank Direct Online

1| After a successful login to your Metrobank Direct Personal (online account), you are directed to your online portal. Click Pay Bills on the eBanking Solutions (left sidebar).

2| Under Special Biller, select E-Wallets/Online Shopping as the category. Scroll down options and click PayMaya.

3| Enter your Subscriber/ Account Number and your 11-digit Phone Number (e.g., 09123456789). Select the Account to Debit, then enter your desired amount. You can choose between Immediate and Scheduled as the Payment Type. Hit Continue after review of your funding.

4| If you want, you can even register PayMaya through Register a New Biller. If it’s already registered, then you will no longer enter payment details again the next time you’ll fund the account.